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Stanford Sports Performance Department is proud to announce a Graduate Assistant Sports Performance coaching position in conjunction with the Kinesiology department at San Jose State University. The program began the fall quarter of 2011. The next group of GA's will be fall quarter of 2013.

Goal for the Graduate Assistantship at Stanford:
To further develop knowledge and practical application of a collegiate sports performance department through graduate work and coaching student athletes. Improve all aspects of strength, power, speed, agility, biomechanically efficiency, nutrition and recovery within the Stanford athletic department. To further develop the necessary knowledge skills and abilities to work as a sports performance coach at the collegiate level.

Graduate Assistantship Terms:
All candidates are expected to fulfill a two-year commitment

Graduate assistantship Description:
The Director of Sports Performance will assign the candidate to teams. The chosen candidate will be responsible for all aspects of performance, including strength, conditioning, testing data, nutrition, and recovery for said team. The candidate will also be required to maintain a high academic standard in the Kinesiology graduate program at SJSU

The candidates should have one year coaching in the group setting, college setting or completion of internship at Stanford with the highest standings (recommendations) preferred. In addition, the candidate should have a minimum of a 3.0 in exercise science related field. GRE scores of above a 900

Graduate assistants will be compensated with full tuition and a small stipend.

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Individuals seeking admission to the GA Program must meet the academic requirements of San Jose State University and the SJSU Department of Kinesiology. When applying for the exercise physiology option, candidates would indicate their interest in the GA position within the Stanford Sports Performance Department. Once applications have been submitted, under agreement with SJSU, Stanford would hand select the most promising candidates to serve as GAís.


Stanford Sports Performance is beginning to garner the attention of many other college and university strength and conditioning programs as well as professional teams and the industries top private training centers. Many of these groups are not only looking to Stanford Sports Performance for guidance with training programs but have also contacted Stanford regarding potential candidates for positions with their respective organizations. All of these individuals specifically ask if any interns or GAís might be looking for a full-time position. Some of these recent inquires have been from the San Jose Sharks, Google, US Special Forces, and Athletesí Performance, to name a few. Placing quality people in the industry strengthens and expands Stanfordís existing network and reputation in the field of sports performance.

Additional Remarks

As at other universities nationwide, Graduate Assistants at Stanford University function both as students and as professionals, enhancing their education by playing this important dual role. While studying to meet academic requirements for advanced degrees, Graduate Assistants would also complement their formal studies through various coaching duties under the supervision or tutelage of the sports performance staff. Graduate Assistants will have clear understanding of their dual status, being aware especially of the requirements, responsibilities, and privileges of their position as both student and professional.

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